Glam Tweet Verified Status

There has been much debate of late about the ability to "Verify" if a star listed on Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook or any other social media network is in fact the REAL person. There are a huge number of people in the world cyber-squatting, spamming or just playing like they're famous people on these nearly uncontrolable networks. As an aggregator of these types of sites we here at the Naughty Tweet Network do our BEST to attempt to monitor messages, photos and videos to determine if we in fact have someone listed with a false identity -- it's difficult to catch everyone immediately but usually the truth will out.

To aid in this process and actually to have some fun we've established a new "Verified Status" across our network -- simply what this means is that we have personally verified by photo, video, personal conversation or some real/tangible means that the person is who they represent themselves to be! However, this is not to say that anyone without a "Verified" status is not who they claim to be, only that we have not directly verified their credentials.

The best part for the users is we'll be publishing most of the photos and videos given as evidence for the verification process right here on this website! Meaning EXCLUSIVE content not available anywhere else!!

STARS!! Get Verified on Glam Tweet!

We want this to be fun and simple, all we're trying to do is protect your brand and identity. If you're a personality we're following on our network we would appreacite your help in making sure spammers, identity theives and weirdos don't dupe your fans. We'll also help you with communicating with Twitter and other social networking sites if you do have a problem. Bottom line you spent years building your good name, and we want to help you protect it!
Awesome Verification Videos Examples:

Get the Evidence!!

Once you have been qualified and listed on Glam Tweet, here are some of the methods we will accept to confirm you are you:

- Photo of you with your computer monitor showing Glam Tweet on Screen.
- Photo of you holding a piece of paper saying Glam Tweet.
- Photo of you holding a Glam Tweet Sticker.
- Photo of you at a Glam Tweet Official Event.

Video (Our Favorite):
- Video Clip of you saying "I Love Glam Tweet!" or something just as nice.
- Video Clip of your face and computer monitor with Glam Tweet on Screen.
- Video Clip of you at a Glam Tweet Official Event.

In Person:
Come to a Glam Tweet Official Event and meet Alyss or one of the Glam Tweet staff in person! We'll probably take a photo of you anyhow and we LOVE to meet all you hotties!

What we won't accept as evidence:
- Phone calls/texts from your manager, boyfriend, pimp, mom, sister or even you -- unless we know you personally we can't verify the phone number.
- References: We can only accept your word for who you are, another "Verified" star cannot vouch for you or anyone, even they can be duped.
- Other Fan Site Photos - We're going to promote you alot on our site, to our followers and fans -- we're asking you to take a moment to personalize something for our specific use, which in turn helps promote you even more.
- Edited/Doctored Photos - If it looks like words have been typed on a Fan Photo or it's been edited we will not accept it as evidence.

What we don't need:
We will not need, nor would we publish any real personal information, including your real name, address, telephone number, etc.

Send It!

Tweet videos and pictures to: @glamtweet
Email it to us at