How do I get listed on PornStarTweet?

First we would like to say thank you to all the hard working people in the Adult Entertainment Industry, you are the people that make this all happen! Now after saying that we want to further acknowledge that just because you shot a home movie on your webcam or personal video recorder it does not make you a porn star. We work in the business and it takes a lot of personal dedication, determination and drive to be a real porn star. believes that so much that we have developed process by which we use to determine if someone is listed on our site. We have many other sites for all aspects of the Adult Industry, so if you don't match this criteria please feel free to submit yourself elsewhere.

DVD Movie Appearance:

If you have starred in a DVD movie which is currently out for distribution AND your name is listed in the credits on one of these sites:

Adult Talent Representation:

You are currently under contract with a known and established talent agency including:
- OC Modeling
- Adult Talent Management
- 101 Modeling
- LA Direct Models
- World Modeling Agency
- GoldStar Modeling
- Type 9 Models
- Big Love Talent
- A List Talent
- Spiegler Girls
- Vangard Talent
- Metro Talent Management

PR Agency Representation:

You are currently under contract with a known and established PR agency including:
- Galaxy Publicity
- The Rub PR
- Pipeline Multimedia

Fan Title Exclusion:

There have been a number of "Fan" Titles being released recently. Fans appearing in these titles will be excluded from our listing. Porn Star Tweet is reserved for talent who makes the adult industry their career.

If you meet the criteria above please contact us and provide us with links and information to properly credit you with the title Porn Star. We reserve all rights to determine the criteria, validity and eligibility to be listed at our sole discretion.

We have a spot for you!

If you don't qualify yet for PornStarTweet you might be interested in being listed on one of our other sites:
- ALTGirlTweet
- BBWGirlTweet
- CamGirlTweet
- GayStarTweet
- GlamTweet
- IndustryTweet
- KinkyTweet
- UrbanStarTweet
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Please direct all inquires to:
twitter: @pornstartweet

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